Buffalo Beast Pulls Off the Prank of the Century

Holy crap, this is amazing! Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy pulled off one of the greatest gonzo pranks of all-time by calling up union-busting Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, pretending to be billionaire and Reason Foundation financial backer David Koch. Walker is notoriously difficult to reach by phone, but he picked up right away for the Libertarian ubermensch Koch/Walker, and outlined his rather nefarious plan to bust the Wisconsin public employees union.

Murphy kept the ruse up for 20 minutes. Which is just unprecedented really. This Fishie couldn’t keep up a phony phone call to a dry cleaner for 20 minutes, let alone the most talked about governor in the nation.

Murphy told HuffPo he initially planned to call Walker up as Hosni Mubarak, but couldn’t quite get the accent down. We’re glad he stuck with the route he did.