Budweiser Issues Sassy Social Response to ‘Watered Down’ Lawsuit

Anheuser-Busch, maker of such top-quality “beers” as Budweiser, Michelob and Stella Artois, isn’t playing nice in the face of a lawsuit filed by former employees who claim the brewery illegally waters down its products.

Yesterday the company took the opportunity to simultaneously mock its accusers and call attention to its CSR efforts by publishing a print version of this campaign spot in 10 major U.S. newspapers:

Not only did this ad give Bud a chance to brag about the purity of its products; it also reminded fans that the company donates millions of cans of drinking water (complete with the full Anheuser-Busch logo) to The American Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations.

Whoa there, guys. Didn’t your mom teach you that no one likes a braggart?

In a sure sign that AB InBev takes this challenge seriously, the company paid Twitter to sponsor the above post–and in between sharing tweetpics of Bud birthday cakes celebrating the brand’s 137th anniversary, its social team also promoted this independent CNN investigation of the scandal:

We find it interesting that Bud is so fond of this video. CNN’s findings appear to confirm that, while AB’s products conform to legal standards, every single can does indeed contain slightly less alcohol than advertised. We’re most surprised by the fact that government regulations allow real-world content to be as much as 0.3% lower than advertised.

Will this aggressive counterattack help preserve Bud’s brand reputation? We don’t know; we still say that anyone concerned about the amount of alcohol in each Budweiser is missing the point.