Buddy Media Acquires Crushes

Buddy Media, the owner of the AceBucks application, has just acquired the Crushes application. I haven’t reviewed the crushes application on here but it seems like a really great idea. In the application you can anonymously tell people that you have a crush on them. They can then have a conversation with you anonymously. This sounds like serious trouble which makes it a great application. It reminds me of Dan Peguine’s Honesty Box application which has been both controversial and successful.

Out of the acquisition, Buddy Media also brought on Patrick Stokes as another developer for their development team. I’m assuming that Patrick will be working with the Buddy Media team to help expand their AceBucks application which recently launched their stores feature. If you haven’t seen the AceBucks store yet, you should definitely check it out. There are some interesting items up for sale including CDs, video games, cash, jewelry e-books, computers, sports memorabilia and my favorite: a used ankle support.

While the items up for sale resemble a traditional pawn shop, the application has attracted close to half a million users and approximately 25,000 active daily users. I don’t have any statistics on the application’s transaction history but it seems as though the auctions are relatively active. I highly recommend checking out the Crushes application. If you want to read more about the announcement check the Buddy Media blog.