Buddy Can You Spare a Source? Facebook Alternative to Profnet


An interesting thing about editing PRNewser is the opportunity to sit on the other side of the fence, ask simple yet stymiable questions of people pitching us, and to try the tools of our own trade.

For example, we used industry standard Profnet to rustle up your predictions and resolutions last month.

Upon booking a quick trip to D.C., we thought we’d give Peter Shankman’s “If I can help a reporter out, I will…” Facebook Group a spin to find a few new contacts there. We’ve received a much smaller response than Profnet, though far more relevant leads.

The difference of course, is Peter’s group is completely free. In exchange he stays in the good graces of many journalists. The Group has trafficed sources to Glamour, Entrepreneur, CNN and a bunch of others.

Peter, never ever missing a chance to self-promote (see CES shenanigans here and here), managed to get the Group, his latest effort as a PR connector in the NYTimes Shifting Careers blog.

Membership is at 668 and the status is closed. Drop him a note at peter at shankman dot com to join.