Buckminster Fuller Challenge Picks Their Jurors


Speaking of Core77, they pointed our way over to the announcement that the Buckminster Fuller Challenge has selected its jury panel. If you’ll recall from a while back, we were talking about the contest, which is just about as open-ended as they come. The idea is that you submit a design for something that will do some good in the world and if you convince the jurors you’ve got the best ideas, you nab $100,000 to make whatever it is you dreamt up (our submission, drawn in crayon, was a flying submarine). Judging from the judges, it looks like they’re making this whole thing pretty legit. Here’s the rundown:

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, renowned architect and President of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
Hazel Henderson, futurist, author and consultant on sustainable human development and socially responsible business and investment; founder, Ethical Markets Media, llc
Danny Hillis visionary inventor, computer scientist, author, engineer; Chairman and CTO of Applied Minds, Inc., co-chairman of The Long Now Foundation
William McDonough, sustainable design visionary, bestselling author, and founder of William McDonough + Partners, a leading architecture firm practicing cradle to cradle design
Vandan Shiva, renowned physicist, author, and environmental activist, founder and Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, New Delhi.
The sixth and seventh jurors will be announced shortly.

As an aside, doesn’t this whole thing reek of a comic book plot? If we find out that Bruce Wayne is one of those other “jurors to be announced shortly,” we’re going to know that this is all just a big plot to trap Batman.