Brooklyn = ‘Authenticity?’

If you were to free associate with “Brooklyn,” would the first word to tumble off your lips be “authentic?” That’s what a couple of branding experts say is the borough’s appeal.

For those unfamiliar with the BK, it’s home to noted restaurants and bars, hipsters, writers, and probably the guy at left. But as with all things, what makes the “cool” list has as much to do with how it’s perceived as what it is. So even if you’ve never visited, you may think you already have a sense of the place based on all the products and babies named after it, from Brooklyn Brewery beers, to pickles from the Brooklyn Brine Co., to Victoria and David Beckham’s son.

And just like Brooklyn Beckham, more things are being named Brooklyn that aren’t actually there. That has spawned the “Brooklyneer.”

“A Brooklyneer is anyone who creates, produces, admires Brooklyn,” the owner of the Manhattan-based Brooklyneer bar told the New York Post.

This “branded Brooklyn” topic has come up before. But as someone who’s from Brooklyn, I can tell you it was pretty cool even before marketers and bar owners decided it was.

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