Broadcaster Media Puts the SMARTS in Mobile Campaigns

Broadcaster Media has launched its SMARTS mobile advertising platform that lets marketers connect with consumers through their cell phones. At the heart of the platform is the Studio application that allows non-technical folks to create interactive mobile campaigns.

CEO Mike Loftus likens Studio to Dreamweaver “but in wireless for campaigns.”

The software makes it easy for non-technical folks to create professional-looking interactive mobile sites by simple things like cut-and-paste and assigning links. According to the company, “the server platform sucks up the assets, crunches them into a mobile-friendly format and publishes an HTML page.” Or, as Loftus put it, “All the sophisticated stuff happens in the background.”

Lifestyle magazine Salon City has tapped Broadcaster Media as its mobile advertising solution. For more details about the partnership, click continued.

Salon City‘s advertisers will have the use of the Studio app that enables the “fast creation and distribution of media-rich, context-specific ads to targeted mobile phone users,” Broadcaster says. The advertisers can quickly build interactive mobile campaigns that include images and graphics, wallpapers, coupons, embedded video, push-to-call and phone-based e-mail.

Consumers can choose to interact with the content in real-time via a WAP site or download it to their phone. The system uses a “double opt-in” feature to ensure that consumers only receive the content they request.

“Our advertisers are always looking for exciting ways to interact with consumers and mobile advertising is the new frontier,” Salon City CEO Steve Casciola said of the relationship. “What better way to reach them than on the one device no one can leave home without? Studio will allow our advertisers to reach consumers when and where they want, with interactive promotions that are based solely on their expressed interests.”

Broadcaster Media is also powering a content-rich mobile campaign for the AlwaysOn OnHollywood conference. Attendees who text “AO” to 650–224-0053 will receive full show information, including a detailed program schedule, ticket promotions, hotel directions and interactive sponsor links.

According to Loftus, the company decided to use full phone numbers rather than short codes because it allows for customers to publish their mobile campaigns in real-time. “The key to mobile marketing is an enriching user experience and the OnHollywood conference provides a glimpse of the what’s in store in dynamic mobile content creation and delivery,” he said. “This campaign not only demonstrates what the Broadcaster SMARTS platform is capable of, it provides a huge convenience for attendees. Now they don’t have to run around the show looking for a schedule board or information kiosk. Everything they need will be literally in their pockets.”