British Media: Drunks Like Us

cheers.jpgMaybe it’s because we’re hungover from the Laurel Touby-sponsored drinks last night, but this story from the BBC struck a chord with us this morning. According to a poll conducted by the Norwich Union Healthcare, “41 percent of people working in media and creative jobs said they had been to work while still drunk — four times the average.” (Also, terrifyingly, 24 percent of construction workers admit to being drunk at work.)

Cary Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, told the BBC, “It’s no surprise there is a lot of drinking in the media; it’s part of the culture to unwind with a drink. This is not about social drinking. This is about the long-hours culture we have in this country.”

We knew it wasn’t our fault. So Boddington’s for lunch?