Brian Stelter Goes Back to the David Carr Future

He tells Webby Awards audience Carr was all about seeing, confronting and embracing the digital revolution.

During a tribute to David Carr last night at the Webby Awards, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter extolled the benefits of re-reading Carr’s writing. Specifically, he quoted from a piece about the Webby Awards that Carr wrote in June 2005.

That year, the big deal at the Webby Awards was Al Gore:

Mr. Gore, who was politically savaged during the 2000 presidential campaign for a remark that seemed to imply that he had created the Internet, was introduced by Vinton Cerf, one of the scientists credited with actually having built the architecture behind the Web. Cerf had his own five-word speech – “We all invented the Internet” – before pointing out that Mr. Gore had been responsible for spearheading critical legislation and providing much-needed political support – not exactly creating a new medium, but not bad for a politician.

Ha ha. Indeed, not bad at all. A few years later, Carr would cross paths with Gore at another awards show – the Oscars.

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