Brian Collins Takes BIG Leave of Absence


head of Ogilvy’s Brand Innovation Group Brian Collins is taking an extended leave of absence starting in May of this year. He’ll be heading to China to work on a personal design project with students. It also looks like with Collins leaving they’re reverting back to the original “BIG,” since the announcement that went out to Ogilvy employees called it the “Brand Integration Group” again. We’re so confused. From that announcement:

Brian’s legacy at Ogilvy includes an outstanding body of award-winning work for such diverse clients as Coca-Cola, Motorola, Kodak, Hershey, Jaguar, American Express and most recently, the ground-breaking Helios House for BP.

But equally important to these accomplishments, Brian built an outstanding creative team of brand designers, brand strategists and brand enthusiasts who have enhanced the luster and reputation of our company.

The announcement closes with this uplifting quote:

And we remind ourselves of the wisdom of David Ogilvy‘s oft-repeated axiom: “Change is our lifeblood. Stagnation, our death knell.”

Is that t-shirt material or what?