Breed and raise dinosaurs in Happy Dinos on Facebook


Pandastic Games is finding growing success with Happy Dinos on Facebook, its colorful simulation game that allows players to build their own island full of happy dinosaurs. The game is similar to dragon breeding titles like Dragonvale or Dragon City, but instead of raising and breeding dragons, players raise and breed dinosaurs.

Players must feed their dinosaurs to keep them happy, and can breed dinosaurs to receive hybrids in different colors. Each newborn dinosaur must be tamed before it can be added to the overall park, offering players a chance to try four mini-games to tame them (these same games are also used to teach dinosaurs trick animations).

The Rocket Ride mini-game, for instance, sees players using the arrow keys to move left and right to collect fruits in an endless runner format. Meanwhile, the Twin Finder game is a matching game that asks players to observe a large group of dinosaurs and find a pair with the same color and pattern.


Back in the dinosaur park, players can purchase nature and decorative items to keep their dinosaurs happy, and can complete quests offered by the game’s human characters. Dinosaurs can also be purchased outright, to introduce new color options to the gene pool.

Adding a social mechanic to the experience, players can visit their friends’ dinosaur parks to view their dinosaurs and earn extra coins each day.

Happy Dinos had been holding steady at around 100,000 monthly active users (MAU), but the game’s growth took off just after Christmas 2013. Today, the game sits at over 400,000 MAU and climbing, according to our app tracking service AppData. Happy Dinos is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available on iOS and Android.