BREAKING: The Unthinkable. Two Ezra’s?

WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein expressed concern just moments ago that there may be confusion about the existence of another Ezra.  “I had no idea you had children. I thought you were like 26,” a Twitter follower named Spinsterella remarked. Spinsterella got confused by a previous Klein tweet in which he wrote, “We took the kids to see ‘Annie.’ It turns out to be a play about the need for Keynesian fiscal stimulus.” He linked to a TNR story by Jonathan Chait.

Really, can the world handle more than one Ezra?

Apparently the answer is yes.

Klein replied, “Follow the link! Not by me.” He also explained, “Concerned that @tnr appears to have hired another “Ezra.” #therecanbeonlyone.” He then provides a link that leads to another TNR story by Ezra Deutsch-Feldman from Feb. 14 about Watson, a new super computer on “Jeopardy!”‘ Ezra #2 (Deutsch-Feldman) is a male web intern at TNR.

This is blowing our minds. Two Ezzy’s in one day? Every hour of every day? It’s an enchanting dream come true that we never even knew we wanted.

Important note to readers: We’re getting more details on Ezra #2 as we speak.