Breaking: Publicists Can’t Jump to the Front of the ‘Cronut’ Line

This is the most important news you’ll read all day. Actress, Julia Roberts niece and accused boyfriend beater Emma Roberts didn’t feel like standing in a ridiculously long line to get one of those mythical “cronuts” at Manhattan’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, so she (allegedly) dragged her publicist to the door and tried the “don’t you know who I am” trick.

Anyone who went to kindergarten knows that no one gets to bully his or her way to the front of any line, especially when a doorman waits at the end. Before you ask: yes, the bakery has a doorman—and yes, he told an “embarrassed” Roberts to go to the back of the queue, where she smiled for paparazzi and signed autographs before leaving due to boredom, or something like that.

Later she appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where she claimed that she hadn’t even realized there was a line. The host took a break from laughing at his own jokes to graciously grant her access to the deep-fried goodness she not-so-desperately wanted.

Note to publicists: this is why they hate us.

This cronut craze is WAY out of hand. We’ve tried one; it’s a crème donut made with “laminated croissant dough” and topped with a little frosting—no more, no less. Folks outside of the New York metropolitan area don’t care, because they have better things to eat with their time. Like Twinkies.

On a side note, The Cronut Project is a really cool effort created by ad agency interns who partnered with the bakery to offer a limited edition passion fruit pastry to those who donate the most money to the Food Bank of New York. See, that’s what we call good PR.