Breaking news: Hollywood confronts fake-ness

With JT LeRoy unmasked as a pretentious grown woman pretending to be a pretentious ambisexual young man, and James Frey unmasked as a pretentious fiction writer pretending to be a pretentious memoirist, Hollywood asks, whither the assorted Frey and LeRoy related projects around town? For instance, Frey is working on an adaptation of the novel ‘Prep’ (not the Sittenfeld ‘Prep’, but another one) for MTV, Warners is developing ‘A Million Little Pieces’, and LeRoy’s supposed autobiography ‘Sarah’ is in pre-production at an indie. Maybe Riley Weston will be hired to rewrite all of them.

THR reports
on the reaction around Hollywood to the news, which, business considerations aside, is shruggish. Gus Van Sant, for instance, engages in some stoned-in-the-freshman-dorm musings:

Van Sant worked with LeRoy on the director’s 2003 “Elephant,” on which LeRoy served as associate producer. Van Sant, who said he twice had dinner with LeRoy, said he is skeptical of the Times’ article.

“There’s always been a suspicion that he didn’t write his material because he didn’t go out of the house,” Van Sant said. “So since nobody ever met him, they would say that. It’s an old story, and this is a continuation of the story.”

Van Sant said he believes the person he dined with was indeed LeRoy but admits the possibility of being hoodwinked. He turned philosophical: “But is anyone who they say they are? Is Amy Pascal really Amy Pascal? Am I really me? How do you know you’re talking to Gus Van Sant? I think people are a little light on information right now.”

And manager JC Spink sums it up nicely:

“No matter what happens, James is still a really good writer,” said JC Spink, who is executive producing the film [‘Prep’]. “Besides, haven’t most of us in this town been guilty of embellishing at one time or another? If anyone was going to hold that against me, I’d never work again.”