Brazilian Supreme Court Tweets, Apologizes

The Brazilian Supreme Court made a Twitter gaffe Tuesday that required some public TLC a day later. While public figures have been known to say things they shouldn’t have said on Twitter (think Sarah Palin’s made-up “refudiate” blunder here), a public Twitter mistake by the highest court in the country is something of another caliber.

The @STF_Oficial Twitter account, the official account for the Brazilian Supreme Court, tweeted something rather embarrassing on Tuesday: it called for the resignation of the president of the Senate.

Now, this is not the sort of public statement to be taken lightly, nor is the way in which it was presented. The tweet apparently called for 80-year-old Jose Sarney to retire from the Senate, following the lead of soccer star Ronaldo who announced his retirement from the game on Monday.

In a statement issued today on its website, the Supreme Court apologized for the tweet. It claims that the Twitter account was improperly used by a court employee, and has since removed the offending tweet.

As the Associated Press reports, the Court has not identified the employee responsible for the tweet, nor indicated whether or not they had taken disciplinary measures against him or her.

Twitter is a public forum, but even the top Court in a country can forget this at times and post an improper tweet.