Bravo’s DeathWatch Kills Off NBC Show Prematurely


Bravo may be a part of NBC, but that doesn’t mean it has to root for the network — at least, not its fall shows. As Broadcasting & Cable notes, Bravo’s broadband site is hosting a DeathWatch for the fall television season, replete with odds on which shows will fail.

Last week, the list was top-heavy with ABC shows, led by Men in Trees at 3-to-1 odds. But things got weird on Thursday when news broke that NBC had put a sleeper hold on new drama Kidnapped, prompting DeathWatch to fire off an e-mail blast to all bettors declaring the show dead.

Only one small problem: NBC hadn’t cancelled it, prompting the site to reclassify the show as “on life support.” And those banner ads running across the site for NBC shows like 30 Rock? No chance they’ll turn out to be ironic or anything.