Braunstein Trial Update: Katrina Gangs Included ‘People Just Like Me’


Today marks the start of closing arguments in the trial of former WWD writer Peter Braunstein. But first, a rehash of yesterday’s developments. The Times reports on Braunstein’s trip south after fleeing New York:

Dr. William Barr, a neuropsychologist, said the plan was something Peter Braunstein told him he considered while on the run after the attack on the woman on Halloween night 2005 in New York. “He talked about going to New Orleans because he thought there were a lot of angry people down there and he could provide them some kind of leadership,” Barr testified.

Barr also revealed that the writer posed as a Katrina victim in Tennessee to receive free clothing and shelter.

Newsday covers what the jury can expect in deliberations:

Justice Thomas Farber said he will tell the jury that “each and every one of the charges [against Braunstein] requires intent.” He said the panel will consider 15 counts. … Rather, the judge said, the panel is being asked to consider that mental illness contributed to what the defense says was Braunstein’s lack of ability to form criminal intent.

Check FBNY in the coming days for the latest on the deliberations and the verdict.


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