Brand New School Goes to School


If you’re a motion graphics geek, like the two of us are, then you’re sure to realize that you’re needing to go to Korea immediately. Reason being: Dexigner pointed us to firm Brand New School‘s first solo exhibition at the Zeroone Design Center in Seoul. If you don’t know them, just go check out their site for a bit and you’ll have one of those moments where you realize that you do know every piece of work they’ve ever done, you just might not be presently aware that you know. Unfortunately, it’s a very short exhibition, only running until June 24th. So you’ll understand why you need to use that free flight to Korea you’ve been hemming and hawing about for the past few months. Here’s a little about the exhibit and their opening lecture, straight from the source:

Aside from pictures, puppets, posters, process, print and projections, the show also contains the BNS Televisor, an ingenious interactive invention involving a chalkboard green screen, a visual remix of seven years of BNS work — and you, the visitor.

Alongside the exhibition, we also gave two lectures about our broadcast work and type work. In addition, we held a two-day workshop with students and professionals. We asked everybody to pick a song and create a Karaoke video, and everybody came up with amazing concepts and funny visuals. At the end of the second day, we held a Karaoke party at the Center.