BP Will Rebuild Its Reputation and Drill Some More

Speaking with business leaders in London, BP chief executive Bob Dudley said the company has learned lessons from the massive Gulf oil spill and, oh, yeah, they’re going to keep drilling.

According to the BBC, Dudley’s speech came with a vow to rebuild BP’s reputation. To that end, Dudley went on to take credit for things that it did after the spill as part of its response for the spill it caused.

“The first thing to say is that we have stopped the leak and made huge progress in cleaning up the spill,” the BBC quotes Dudley saying. Like, he actually said that.

“Second, our containment and clean-up efforts have gotten results,” he added. “Third, we are meeting our commitments as a responsible party of this accident.” (Notice: “a” responsible party, rather than “the” responsible party.)

Dudley then reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the U.S. by saying that the company is part of the “American community” and will return to its drilling operations as soon as it’s allowed.

It’s been many months filled with angry outpourings from government and concerned citizens and these statements still don’t acknowledge the magnitude of the spill, the company’s role, or why people are angry. BP has to do better.