Boxes Redesigns Organization, Discovery Platform for Belongings

The Boxes app allows users to organize their belongings for easy reference, share their collections with other users and connect with others with similar interests.

Boxes, a social platform for organizing one’s belongings and sharing them with others, has been redesigned on iOS, offering collectors new features, including a proprietary payment system which allows users to purchase items from others within the app.

With Boxes, users can organize their belongings into boxes they create to suit their own needs. For example, a comic book collector could create boxes for each individual superhero.

While Boxes can be used to organize and show off valuable collectables, the app is also useful for cataloging everyday objects, like clothing and accessories. As users acquire new items, they can detail each entry with warranty information, copies of receipts, notes and more. Each entry can be accompanied by multiple pictures, which can be edited with filters before being stored and/or shared.

Boxes iOS

When sharing items publicly, personal data (like purchase prices and warranty information) is kept private. If users are only interested in cataloging the item, rather than sharing it, complete listings can also be kept private.

As a social platform, users can discover items shared by the community, and follow others with similar interests (or search for items directly). Via this update, users can accept payments within the app for items they no longer want. Over 500,000 people signed up for the beta of ‘Boxes 2,’ which began in February 2015, and the community has added over $100 million worth of products to the platform.

Users can like or comment on individual items, repost them for their own followers to view, or send the owner private questions or messages. Each profile offers a tab for highlighting items which are currently for sale.

Solomon Engel, founder and CEO of Boxes, told us:

We are thrilled with the level of interest we have received so far for Boxes 2. We’ve created the most comprehensive tool for organizing your belongings while also being able to buy and sell with others. The community’s growth has shown us we have a very exciting and bright future ahead.

Boxes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is expected to launch on Android in early 2016, while a full Web version of the platform is currently in beta testing. While the base app is free to download and use, users can also purchase a premium account for $9.99 per year, which provides unlimited storage for items, among other upgrades.

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