Bourge Says No to Tennis Shoes and Dress Pants

White Shoes.jpg
Bourge says he wouldn’t be caught in this ensemble.

In a witty response to our “Whose Shoes” feature yesterday (the shoes belonged to FNC’s Bret Baier), Christian Bourge, who writes The Disenchanted Journo blog, explains why whoever guessed him as the owner of the white golf shoes couldn’t be more off.

An excerpt:
To set the record straight, I’ve not worn tennis shoes with dress pants or a suit since high school. It’s a look that is best left to too-cool-for-school hipsters, the terribly aged, and those who just don’t give a crap about how they look. Although, I will admit that sometimes it works.

Read the entire piece here.

Bourge also recalled a fashion piece I wrote on him years ago in which I praised him for his tie choice — turns out, he never liked that tie much but enjoyed the ego-boost.

We wish Bourge no “ego-busting” as he moves into the holiday weekend. We’re certain he has a beautiful shoe collection.

> Update There has been passionate reaction to Bourge’s dislike of tennis shoes and dress pants.

From The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman in an e-mail: “I love Bret’s style, and I think it’s a shame that his sartorial choice was mistaken as something Ducky from “Pretty in Pink” might wear — tennis shoes with a suit. What Bret is exhibiting is a classic Ty Webb look (and I don’t just say that because my apartment looks like Ty’s with golf clubs and empty tonic bottles strewn about). A lot of posers can be seen with a golf tee “accidentally” left behind their ear or a glove sticking out of the back pocket, but Bret’s statement says: ‘I’d rather be playing golf than talking to you, and I’m about five minutes away from making that happen.'”

From Capitol News Connection’s Capitol Hill radio reporter Matt Laslo over text: “I’m at the airport and I saw Bourge’s reply so I must reply: I wear tennie’s daily with my suits!!!”

> Update: Fishbowlers, this is getting good. Bourge responds to the responses…

An excerpt:
“I didn’t mean to start a debate over men’s style, was just posting a funny bit of self deprecation. But what the hell.

Yes, Brett may be able to pull the look off. Since I haven’t seen the full picture, I can’t say.

One thing that can’t be disputed is that in this horrible casual Friday world in which we live, where most men where nothing but bad chinos, cheap polo shits and Rockports: American men can’t dress for shit. We live in a town where tasseled loafers with bad made-to-measure super 110 suits pass for sartorial grace.

…I also can’t believe we’re debating men’s fashion. I’m now going to go put on a wife beater, smoke a Cuban while working on my car’s engine, and chug a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon in order to fully reassert my masculinity.

I also just got an invite to Kenwood. I’ll be there embarrassing myself soon.”

Go here and scroll down for Bourge’s full post.

> Update: Youngman strikes back…

“I broke one of my own rules by talking fashion with someone named Christian Bourge.

How the hell did this happen? Ducky and a fashion debate? I really just want to wear my golf shoes to work. They look better with my bad chinos and cheap polo shirts than my rockports or tasseled loafers.

We should really be focusing on what’s important: preserving Gary Coleman’s legacy. Oh, and Memorial Day.”

> Update: Borge and Youngman are going to be great friends someday. But first, Bourge again responds

“Not sure what my name has to do with any of this. I can only assume that you are somehow questioning the French bloodline delineated by my family name. In my book you are now known as “Freedom Sam.”

…If you do manage to get up the gumption to wear your golf shoes and knee length pantaloons to the White House one day, I am all for it.”