Bounden is a mobile choreography game to play with your partner and a phone


Some game arcades come equipped with dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution, but Bounden is a classier and quite possibly more awkward mobile game that can be sweet and intimate.

The choreography app was developed by Game Oven in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet. Each of the six choreographed dances were made using the phone’s gyroscope features. “Holding either end of a device, you tilt the device around a virtual sphere following a path of rings. You swing your arms and twist your body, and before you know it, you are already dancing.”

Bounden started as an experiment to make people ‘dance’ together. After various prototypes, we found a way that was able to make two people, standing opposite of each other, move fluently and synchronously. By that time, we found that designing the movements was immensely difficult: this is why we called the Dutch National Ballet to help us make actual choreography, and to our surprise, their reaction was ‘sure’. Bounden is made in cooperation with the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet. The Junior Company is a group of talented dancers led by dancer and choreographer Ernst Meisner, who is responsible for most of the choreography in the game. Each dance is accompanied by classical music composed by Bart Delissen. Bounden is supported by the Dutch grant program Game Fund.

Of course it is a lot more difficult than it sounds – but it will also look great, because you’ll be ridiculously tangled like a delicate trio of iOS users engaged in dancing Twister. Since dancing with Bounden can be a challenge, if you imagine yourself and your partner as being characters from the movie Her (time market 1:17), the phone and you two will make a nice silly threesome. Just don’t ask Siri to dance.

Bounden Choreography – Coral from Game Oven on Vimeo.