Boston Magazine Adds Chinese-Language Edition

Compiled from preceding English issues, spinoff will appear twice a year.

More than a few Beantown residents will likely be doing a double take this month at Logan Airport, area hotels and other tourist hot spots. All thanks to the inaugural edition of Boston magazine, Chinese-language version.

As Boston Globe reporter Callum Borchers notes, the magazine had a cover story last fall about the influx of Chinese cash into the area. From his item::

The debut issue is a translated version of the annual Best of Boston listings, plus special content from previous editions including the roundup of best restaurants and a smattering of lifestyle coverage. It’s aimed at Chinese tourists, students and investors who come to Boston with money to spend — and at the advertisers eager to reach them. Going forward, the magazine will publish two issues in Chinese per year.

Click through to Borchers’ article for a look at the first Chinese cover. The single-issue price for this bi-annual Chinese-language edition has been set at $6.99.

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