Borderlands, Civilization, 1Password and more on this week’s top paid app charts

Holiday sales on popular games like Civilization Revolution for iPad and Borderlands Legends HD had a huge affect on the top paid charts this week. Civilization Revolution for iPad moved 125 spots to the No. 13 spot and Borderlands Legends HD rose 251 spots to the No. 21 spot. Both apps are currently priced at $0.99, down from their usual $6.99 and $4.99 price points, respectively.

On iPhone 1Password, an app that consolidates all of your passwords for different accounts and services, rose 20 spots to the No. 8 spot. The app is currently priced at $7.99. Kerosene’s Bladeslinger Ep.1 is also on sale, down from $2.99 to $0.99, taking it up 91 spots to No. 15.

The top paid Android apps chart sat remained very much the same this week, with relative newcomer Bubble Worlds rising six spots to No. 16.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Angry Birds Star Wars1=Yes
2.WhatsApp Messenger2▲1No
3.Toca Hair Salon 23▼1No
4.Bloons TD 54=Yes
5.Block Ops5=No
6.Minecraft – Pocket Edition6=No
7.Bad Piggies7=Yes
9.Temple Run: Brave9▼1Yes
10.Scribblenauts Remix10▼1Yes
11.iPNP 201211▲11Yes
12.Ski Safari12▲1Yes
13.Earn to Die13▲1No
14.Cut the Rope14▼3Yes
15.Bladeslinger Ep.115▲91Yes
16.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City16▼4No
17.Free Music Download Pro17=No
18.Monsters, Inc. Run18▼8Yes
19.Flow Free: Bridges19▼4Yes
20.Plague Inc.20=Yes
22.Arms Cartel Global22▼4Yes
23.Rayman Jungle Run23▼2Yes


This week’s top paid iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Angry Birds Star Wars HD1=Yes
2.The Room2=No
3.Toca Hair Salon 23=No
4.Bad Piggies HD4=Yes
5.Monsters, Inc. Run5=Yes
6.Bloons TD 5 HD6=Yes
7.Bingo Run HD7▲3Yes
8.Minecraft – Pocket Edition8▼1No
9.Angry Birds HD9▼1Yes
10.Angry Birds Space HD10▼1Yes
11.Angry Birds Seasons HD11=Yes
13.Civilization Revolution for iPad13▲125No
14.Angry Birds Rio HD14▼2Yes
15.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City15▲1No
16.Temple Run: Brave16▼2Yes
17.Mutant Fridge Mayhem17▼4Yes
19.Scribblenauts Remix19▼4Yes
21.Borderlands Legends HD21▲251No
22.Where’s My Water?22▼2Yes
23.Amazing Alex HD23▼4No
24.Draw Something Pro24▲2Yes
25.xMickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along25▼3No


This week’s top paid Android apps

4.Facebook Messenger4=
5.Fun Run5▲1
6.Angry Birds Star Wars6▼1
11.100 Doors 201311▲2
12.Hill Climb Racing12▼1
13.Temple Run13▼1
15.Brightest Flashlight Free15=
16.Bubble Worlds16▲6
17.Angry Birds17▼1
18.Subway Surfers18=
20.Adobe Reader20=
21.Flow Free21▼2
22.Words With Friends Free22▼1
23.The Weather Channel23=
24.Yahoo! Mail24▲1


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.