Booze News: Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s, and Snooth

Because it’s Friday and it’s time to get your drink on (even if it is only 2p.m.), let’s talk about some booze news.

Maker’s Mark has got a Facebook campaign going on now for the “world’s longest pour.” The brand is asking people to swap out their profile picture for a pic of the Maker’s Mark pour and posting a comment on the wall. The effect is seen below.

The stunt is just for today.

Jack Daniel’s is revamping its label, taking out a few words and adding a few.


The Lynchburg-based distillery had said that the population of its hometown was 361. Actually, the number has grown to more than 6,300; that 361 figure dates back to the early years of the previous century. So it’s gone. Also gone is the name of the “proprieter” Lem Motlow. They are, however, adding Mr. Jack’s given name, Jasper.

Nelson Eddy, Jack Daniel’s official historian and the director of its ad agency, said the new label is more “refined” and most people don’t care about Motlow’s name, even if it is a part of the company’s history. Mr. Eddy, you are right.

Photo via Brown-Forman Corp, the current proprietor


Finally, we have, which has launched Wine Rack, a social gaming platform that encourages oenophiles (experts and beginners) to share their wine reviews and win trophies and prizes. Last year, Snooth launched an iPhone app; the site has 800,000 members.

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