Book On the Way from Former LA Times, LA Weekly Journo Daniel Hernandez

Back in September of 2007, Daniel Hernandez left his post as a staff writer for the LA Weekly to work on a book about emerging youth subcultures in Mexico City. After more than three years of living and working in Mexico City’s Distrito Federal, the fruits of his labor have almost arrived. Hernandez just announced the impending launch of his book “Down and Delirious in Mexico City: The Aztec Metropolis in the 21st Century.” Published by Scribner, the book will hit stores on February 8th.

Writes Hernandez on his blog:

I’m calling it a collection of first-person reported essays charting my experiences among mostly young people in Mexico City, one of the very few largest of megacities in the world and in history. The book is a mix of journalism, memoir, and the essay form…

Throughout, I address a bunch of interlocking issues and themes, such as aesthetics and visual culture, including fashion and ‘tribal’ wear; gender and sexuality; drug-use and addiction; globalization and transnational cultures, such as cholo, emo, sonidero, and punk; political corruption; neo-indigenism and mythology; cults; race and class conflicts; urbanism and public space; violence, fear, and death. Some sections are historical, some are analytical and argumentative, some are personal.

We spoke with Hernandez and asked him what’s in store for the future now that the book is finished. Obviously he’s going to be out promoting for awhile, but does he have any plans to come back to LA? Staying in Mexico? Moving on to locations unknown and exotic? Or is it impossible to think past the prospect of a much-needed vacation?

“Plans are up in the air right now,” he says. “But yes, I am tired.”

Fair enough.

If you can’t wait until February to read Hernandez, an excerpt of his new book appears in the most recent issue of Slake.