How To Book Delta Tickets On Facebook

Delta LogoWhile Delta may not have the best reputation of any of the airlines out there, they are definitely forward thinking when it comes to social media. This morning the company announced that they’d begin enabling passengers to book tickets for flights directly from the company’s Facebook Page. While I’m not sure this is going to boost ticket sales too dramatically, I definitely think it’s an interesting feature in addition to being a first of its kind.

The new “Delta Ticket Window” application functions directly within the company’s Facebook Page tab and lets the users check out right there. It’s interesting as this is one of the first companies we’ve seen to enable secure checkouts directly within a Faebook Page. While I don’t know the technicalities of securing information across domains, securing data within an iFrame must be somewhat of a technical hurdle. Thankfully the team over at Alvenda has figured out the solution.

While Delta is actively trying to defend against their poor reputation, the company deserves credit for this new campaign. Below is a screenshot of the new Delta Ticket Window. If you want to try purchasing tickets on Facebook, for whatever reason, you can go do so here.

Delta Ticket Window Screenshot