Book About Sarah Palin Released As Kindle Single

There is a new eBook about politician/reality TV star Sarah Palin available in Amazon’s Kindle Single format. This is the first title that we have seen to use this short form release mode, since Amazon announced it back in October.

The book is called The SARAH PALIN Rogue Revolution Taking AMERICA BY STORM and was written by journalist Tony Reynolds. It delves into whether or not Palin will run for president in 2012. According to the product’s description, the book is formatted as a Kindle Single, though it is not listed in any special Kindle Single category in the Kindle store.

Borrowing from music released as a “single” song, versus an album, these new books, are categorized as between 10,000 and 30,000 words –or about 30-90 pages. Amazon said that these Kindle Singles will have their own section in the Kindle Store, but we have yet to see this categorization in the Kindle store.

Kindle Singles are also supposed to come with a cheaper price tag, and this Sarah Palin book is $3.99, which is cheaper than a typical $9.99 Kindle eBook from a major publisher.