Bonfire’s Hooked Reels in Card Game Fans on Facebook

Hooked from Bonfire is a fast-paced, aquatic themed, arcade-style card game derived from poker. Players create as many high-ranked hands as possible within a 60-second time limit, using power-ups to help boost their scores.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Hooked currently has 210,000 monthly active users and 20,000 daily active users.

Players are given one minute to amass as high a score as possible by assembling hands of cards based on rank, suit, and pairs. Hands follow the rankings used in poker, such as straights, flushes, full houses, and so on. In order to assemble their five-card hands, players must quickly look over a selection of six fish bearing cards to choose from before they swim off the screen. At the end of the 60 second period, their score is displayed and they can try again for a higher score. Winning helps players level up; when they reach certain level milestones they can unlock new stages to play on.

The game features a number of power-ups and gameplay mechanics that require players to spend pearls, a premium currency, in order to use them. These include those that create automatic pairs and change card suits. Players also have the ability to play wild cards and swap out the six cards for a new set to choose from by spending pearls. On occasion, free power-ups swim by in the form of fish that provide score multipliers.

Hooked’s social features include friend invites and bragging about high scores via viral channels. The player’s standing compared to that of their friends’ is shown in a life leaderboard at the bottom of the screen. Players can compete head-to-head against others in real-time, or enter a tournament where their five highest scores for the week are added up, with the game’s top players receiving free pearls.

Bonfire is monetizing Hooked with the pearls currency, which can be purchased using Facebook Credits, and with video advertising. Players can earn more pearls by playing, as they win tickets at the end of each game, which can be traded in at the rate of 100 tickets per pearl. Pearls can also be earned by watching advertisements, and the game features un-skippable interstitial video ads from time to time.

Two elements of Hooked are displayed as “coming soon” in the game. The first is a customizable user section where players can set a custom background image and build their own aquarium. This is then filled with pet fish purchased from the second upcoming feature, an in-game store. These fish will be purchased using the coins players earn by playing.

You can follow Hooked’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.