Bob Woodward Clears Up a Few Things (Sort of)

We brought you the news late last week that journalist and author Bob Woodward is a registered Democrat who lets his 14-year-old daughter vote for him. On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program on Sunday, host Howard Kurtz probed Woodward further on being a registered Democrat and on his daughter’s voting practices. Kurtz also wondered why Woodward is not on Twitter. (The conversation below was taken from CNN transcripts.)

KURTZ: Bob Woodward, you said on C-SPAN that you are a registered Democrat, but that you act as a political Independent.  Should you be registered with either party given what you do?
WOODWARD: Because I take my daughter in to vote, and it has instructed her in the electoral process. She decides. She’s empowered to do this, and so that’s the main reason.
KURTZ: But you could take her to vote as an Independent.
WOODWARD: Yes, but in the District of Columbia, as you well know — ah. It is meaningless, ,because the Democratic Party is, if you win in the primary —
KURTZ: For mayor, you’re the mayor.
WOODWARD: — that’s the end. So you would disenfranchise my young 14-year-old daughter.
KURTZ: All right. Thanks for clarifying that.  It’s 2010. Why aren’t you on Twitter?
WOODWARD: Because I’m not sure what it is. And part of my problem with the media, which you cover so extensively, is this impatience in speed which drives everything, and sometimes the trivialization. And, you know, I do long form. On Twitter you can do 140 characters.
KURTZ: That’s exactly right.
WOODWARD: I wouldn’t be able to clear my throat in that.