Bob Merry Resigns From Stratfor

In an e-mail bearing the subject line, “A Fond Farewell,” Stratfor Publisher Bob Merry announces that he’s leaving the company since coming on board as Publisher in January. His reference to “George” in the opening line is George Friedman, the publication’s founder and CEO. Merry writes:

I wish to add my own sentiments to George’s expression of a few minutes ago. I’m going to miss this place and all that it represents and all elements of it – the mission, the energy, the Intell group with its massive body of knowledge, my own employees with their business acumen, my fellow execs, and my irrepressible leader of the past nine months, George. Therefore, my resignation was tendered with competing sentiments. But sometimes in life it becomes necessary to change course and redirect one’s energies, and I have concluded this is one such time for me. I shall cherish the memories I have accumulated at STRATFOR and hope to maintain the many friendships I have gained also. And I have nothing but the highest hopes for the company’s soaring success into the future as far as the eye can see.

Friedman’s note to staff after the jump

Memo from Founder:
To:  All Stratfor

I regret to have to inform you that Bob Merry has tendered his resignation
as Publisher of Stratfor and that the resignation has been accepted by the
Board of Directors.

Bob’s drive, talent, and leadership will be missed, and I join with the
Board and with all of us here at Stratfor in wishing Bob the very best.

Bob’s future includes one book on which he is far along, with another one
in the pipeline.  Whatever Bob chooses to do, I am sure he will be

Bob’s decision was not predicated on any financial issues at the company.
Our core businesses remain strong — it was profits from those businesses
which have paid for our expansion in Washington. With Bob’s departure, we
will be undertaking a thorough review of those expansion plans.

George Friedman

Founder and CEO