Bo Obama is not Attention Starved


Watch out Paris Hilton. Bo Obama’s name recognition is soaring, and at this point he’s nearly as famous as you are – cocaine arrest and all.

Bo Obama has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, in many a White House Pool Report and on the pages of daily newspapers around the globe. Now, thanks to an unsuspecting question by C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb, the Portuguese Water Dog has graced the airwaves of C-SPAN.

And he (Bo) just seems to not let it all affect him much. He hasn’t so much as asked for teeth-whitening.

In a recent interview with President Obama in the Oval Office that aired last week, Lamb asked: “Where in the White House do you find yourself the happiest?”

And just like that, Bo got a nice shout-out. “I will say the South lawn is spectacular…Every once in a while Bo runs by and that’s always cheerful. They say if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Well, I’ve got one and it’s a pretty good friend.”

Watch the clip here.