Bloomsbury Press Publisher Talks Book Price Wars and Social Media On The Menu


Yesterday was all about advertising, but today’s Morning Media Menu podcast was all about publishing. Hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven welcomed Bloomsbury Press publisher Peter Ginna, who discussed the biggest publishing news of the moment, starting with the reported pricing war between Walmart, Target and Amazon.

“As of now, that discount is confined to I think 10 titles and is more about getting attention and pulling people’s eyeballs away from Walmart or Amazon or whoever the competitor is,” Ginna said. “The concern that publishers have is if this is going to establish in the consumer’s mind that that’s what a best-selling hard cover book is worth.”

Ginna also gave some advice to people looking to break into publishing: “I think the most important thing for anybody going into the industry now is to really learn as much as you can and, to the extent that you can, master social media. That’s going to be the most important channel that publishers have to sell books. And that’s one of the other areas that we’ve been struggling with.”

Ginna also recently launched a blog himself. “I know that in the future we’re not going to be able to rely on newspaper print reviews and authors on television and subway ads, which are really, really expensive. So we need other ways of communicating with the public. So this is my attempt to at least experiment with a way of doing that,” he said.

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