Bloomberg View Writer Has Fun with LeBron Rumors

Even though it flies in the face of any hint that a certain member of sports royalty will be giving FishbowlNY an exclusive interview, we love today’s Bloomberg View headline.


And imagine our delight as we went on to discover that the article-text by Kavitha A. Davidson, who once edited the Columbia University student newspaper sports section, is even better. A taste:

Truly, at this point it seems as likely that LeBron will stay in Miami as it is that he’ll join Al Qaeda. But wait: Apparently there’s a universe in which the possibility of him joining ‘Melo in New York exists. As an unnamed source – is there any other kind? – told the New York Post, Phil Jackson “really wants LeBron to come to New York. That’s his dream right now. Phil is trying to get it done.”

My dream is to be 20 pounds lighter and find a rent-controlled one-bedroom in the West Village. Can Phil get that done, too?

No, Kavitha; to answer the first half of your rhetorical, a Thigh Master is a better bet than the zen master. Now… back to that business of FishbowlNY rumors. Knicks coach Derek Fisher could be talking in these pages real soon. Honest.