Bloomberg Has Turned Political Journalism into a Sports Show

And it's everything you could've hoped for.

Ever wonder what would happen if John Madden ever decided to take his talents to political journalism? No? Neither did we, but that didn’t stop Bloomberg from having a go at it.

In “ScrumZone,” “a parody sports-style game show,” Bloomberg’s Matt Negrin and Griffin Hammond play the role of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden as they commentate on reporters’ ability to Heisman their way through the scrum to get in a question or two with the candidates — throwing up the occasional X and O on the Telestrator.

Politico’s Hadas Gold reported on the new segment earlier this month:

Matt Negrin, a writer for Bloomberg Politics, has been emailing reporters who will be at the South Carolina Freedom Summit this weekend, asking them to be part of a segment called “ScrumZone.”

“It’s a parody sports-style game show that stars the reporters who cover candidates. The idea is that we’ll interview reporters before they go into the post-speech media scrum, and then afterward, like ESPN would interview athletes before and after a game. And of course during the scrum, we’ll go all in with our fancy schmancy cameras,” Negrin wrote in an email to one reporter and shared with the On Media blog.

On Thursday, Bloomberg unveiled the final product. From the major pass protection that was going on around Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) to the newly announced presdiential candidate and former Governor George Pataki (R-NY), getting no love from reporters, it’s definitely worth a look.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Bloomberg Politics.

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