Blogs are so yesterday. No, really, they’re yesterday.

…at least for blogs that want to report on elections and accept political ads. Before yesterday, they were blogs and hence not eligible for the Federal Election Commission’s “media exempton.” But now they are “Online Magazines” and the world will never be the same, as evidenced by The Talent Show blog-now-magazine:

In order to avoid any potential pitfalls, let me use this opportunity to announce that this post will be the last one on The Talent Show blog. Starting either late today or tomorrow, I will relaunch (without any fanfare whatsoever) my new web magazine, The Talent Show. I will still be the primary writer around here, but the traditional blog posts will be replaced with articles of varying lengths and topics. I will also be replacing the comments with article specific message boards. The look of the site, the writing style, the subject matter, the content, and the technological back-end will be identical to what I’m using now, but the change (as least as far as the FEC is concerned) will be drastic. Starting tomorrow, my days as a blogger are ending and my days as a writer begin.

And, from Atrios: “The Blog is Dead. Long Live the Online Magazine.”

(NB I heard about this on CNN’s “Inside Politics” where “Inside The Blogs” signed off as “Inside The Online Magazines”)