Blogging Today: People Prefer Gadgets to Politicians

obamaberry.pngNow that the primary season is officially over we thought it would be more or less safe to drop in on our old stand-by Andrew Sullivan, whom we abandoned some months ago when his anti-Hillary rhetoric finally exhausted us. And, phew, it seems our timing was (almost) right. Via the Daily Dish comes James Joyner’s post on how, appearances to the contrary, U.S. politics is not the dominating topic of conversation for everyone on the internets.

It’s not just that, as we all know, personal diary blogs far outnumber others in sheer volume but that political blogs make up a relatively small segment of the blogs people actually read and link to.
HuffPo is the noted exception to this, routinely ranking in the top ten technocrati sites, still Joyner finds it strange that political blogs have diminished in popularity over the last five years. Is someone gaming the system?

Have reading and usage patterns changed that much? Or are the metrics simply capturing reality with more precision? Alternatively, do the tech blogs simply interlink more than is the norm on political blogs? Or have the techies figured out a way to “game” the system as political bloggers did years ago to the old TTLB Ecosystem, simply rendering it meaningless as a true measure?
Or is it maybe politicos are less interested in who’s listening than hearing themselves talk. Also, Andrew has something up about penises.