Blogging The Recession

Well, that’s what we’re doing here, right? (Though we certainly hope to still be around when the economy picks up..)

But freelance writer Amanda Hirsch picks up on a trend in this current recession: first-person recession blogging.

Now, we’re a nation of bloggers and oversharers, so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that Americans are also blogging about being unemployed, but it does mark a shift in the zeitgeist. In the Great Depression, which we’re always told the Great Recession is almost as bad as, we didn’t “air our dirty laundry,” oh no.

Former Current TV staffer Anthony Ferraro found that getting laid off helped him get rid of stress — and debt. [Then he made a video about it.]

Ferraro’s not the only one finding unemployment’s silver lining. For my friend Katie Kemple at Love Your Layoff, joblessness revealed the kindness of strangers, from the childcare provider who insisted on taking care of Katie’s daughter for free, to the anonymous friend who sent her a credit card pre-loaded with $500.

As Hirsch points out (and Nickel and Dimed author Barbara Ehrenreich has also written), this sort of “recession porn” is available only to the middle or upper middle class. Unemployed people at the bottom of the food chain hardly have enough time to blog as it is. (Insert your generalization about how media needs to survive to make sure other voices are heard here.)

If you’re blogging about the unemployed life, let us know. We’d like to check you out.