Blogging For Your Career Redux

Another take on the is-blogging-good-for-you-professionally question (though technically our last post on this was about freelancing, it’s the same sort of idea).

The Wall Street Journal says that there’s been some debate over the years: first, “if you didn’t have a blog, your career would self-destruct.” Then, “the blogosphere was too crowded and you should only be out there if you are a CEO or have already proven that thousands of people want to read your ideas.”

This is reminiscent of the eggs are good for you/bad for you debate. Anyway, a blog is good cholesterol er, good for you, if you remember these four things:

  • Become an expert
  • Stay focused (“”Not having a focus will dilute your authority and distract people,” says Darren Rowse, who runs”)
  • Find a niche that hasn’t been tackled, but
  • Be yourself.