Bloggers vs. The Note

Although we hesitate to call out our own, we have to admit that watching bloggers start a fight is sort of like watching a kid spit in the wind: it looks pretty ugly and almost never ends well. Still, a few left-wing bloggers are having it out against ABC’s “The Note,” one of Washington’s best (and free, unlike the Holy Grail: National Journal’s “Hotline”) daily primers on all things political.

For Digby, the Note is “the Karl Rove official fan club and fluffing society.”

Says Atrios: “Maybe they missed the memo and thought International Talk Like a Pirate Day was actually International Talk Like a Fucking Moron Day.


“Most of the time I allow myself to pretend that the people who write The Note are just typical members of the Beltway press with their heads lodged firmly up their own asses.”

Josh Marshall: The Note is “dumb as a door post.”

Eric Alterman: The Note “insults our intelligence…

To quote Ali G, “much respect” to the Note for paying lip service to the feud (if only to disarm it), writing today: “How would the bloggers who think The Note is “a stinking repository of Bush-licking Pre$$titution” (LINK) convince those who think it is devoutly anti-Bush that they are right?”

Is this the beginning of the partisan labeling of DC’s daily political reads? Hotline for Blue States? The Note for Red States?