Bloggers Say They Will Pay for News Online, Will You?

According to a recent study released at last week’s McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York “40 percent of bloggers — on their own blogs or on message board postings — said they would, or already do, pay for news content online.”

The report can be found here, and it’s not entirely clear who these “bloggers” were exactly, but it got us thinking. How many of you would be willing to pay for news online? As Folio: points out many “bloggers,” including yours truly, depend on free content to generate their own content, however we all will agree that news is important, and someone has to be there to report it well. In fact, according to the study the number one reason “bloggers” said they would pay for news is because “don’t want the quality of news to decline.” What say you?
The Paid Content debate rages on! Would you be willing to pay for your news online?
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