Embraces Facebook released its new Blogged Facebook Application widget, which allows users to log in with either their Facebook or IDs and discuss blog posts.

The new widget allows users to leave comments, respond to other comments and, just like in Facebook, like and share blog posts, and Blogged Facebook Application creates a bridge between the blog network and the social network, “turning a once static activity into a social, participatory and connected conversation,” said. also took similar steps to integrate its network with Twitter. co-founder Gladys Kong said:

News events have always been natural conversation starters. From a controversial trade in the NBA to a political speech or Hollywood scandal, we all have opinions we want to share. Yet, until now there wasn’t a central location for these conversations.

Traditional news media has been one-directional. And while blogs elicit reader comments, they’re typically scattered across the Web for a fragmented experience. With Blogged, we’re pulling together all these stories and their insightful discussions into a single social hub.