BlogDay 2008: 5 blogs worth reading

I rarely ever blog on weekends to ensure I enjoy life outside of the internet, but today is no ordinary day. It’s BlogDay, a time when bloggers all over the intertubes recommend blogs “that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude.” A full list of some of the best multimedia journalism blogs can be found in the sidebar, but in honor of the day here are 5 blogs that I personally enjoy.

1. Neatorama

I like cool stuff. And whether that’s a cow with its head stuck in a washing machine or tips how to personalize your pancakes, I can always count on Neatorama to blog something that piques my curiosity.

2. geeksugar

Geeksugar was created with women in mind, but I think its posts on technology as it relates to personal life is something everyone can identify with. The site is a part of the Sugar network of blogs and is an ingenious cross between Gizmodo and Perez Hilton.

3. Inspiredology

If I could pin down my design aesthetic, it would be bold colors, unique fonts and nontraditional layouts. That said, Inspiredology totally gets me and my aesthetic. The blog showcases web and graphic design that is eye-popping and memorable and gives me something to aspire to.

4. fourfour

I first started reading fourfour for its skewering of the TV show America’s Next Top Model, but stuck around when I realized everything that comes from blogger Rich Juzwiak’s brain is genius. Whether its a thoughtful dissertation on modern R&B or a passing observation of Winston the cat, I can always count on reading each post from beginning to end. I also credit Rich, along with Fresh at Crunk & Disorderly for keeping me in the loop of pop culture and making me a better entertainment reporter.

5. The Consumerist

It’s no secret that I am a fan of The Consumerist. It is my all-time favorite blog 1) because it exhibits a standard of community journalism that mainstream media should take note of and 2) its advice on consumer rights is helpful to everyone… and I do mean everyone. The Consumerist is one of a handful of blogs that is not lumped into a category in my Google Reader, simply because it defies categorization.