Blastr 3.0 for iOS Update Enables Science Fiction Sharing & More

My main source of information about science fiction and fantasy related TV shows and movie’s is Syfy’s (formerly the SciFi Channel) Blastr app for the iPhone and iPad. I check it every weekday. Reading entertainment news using Blastr in the iPad is, in my opinion, faster and easier than doing so in a desktop browser. However, in addition to a couple of function quriks, the app has lacked a couple of features that would make it much more interesting to use. The Blastr 3.0 update addresses these missing features and throws in a few things I had not considered. Here’s what’s new in 3.0.

1. Share articles via Facebook, Twitter and Email
2. Read and write comments associated with news items
3. Save articles for offline viewing. This includes comment threads
4. Save images from the photo gallery to your camera roll

Item 1, the ability to share articles, was a big one for me Prior to the 3.0 update, I had to wander over to a desktop browser, find the article on (which sometimes is a difficult task) and share it from there.

Let the SF and fantasy entertainment sharing begin!

You can find this free app in the iTunes App Store.

Blastr 3.0