Blank Walls? Meet Wall Blank

(Lorena Vigil-Escalera Guirado).jpgWe know: You were buying up DIY Damien Hirst dot paintings from Eyestorm back in the day. You were an early adopter of 20×200. LUMAS? You’re on top of it. Now allow us to introduce you to a promising newcomer to the online art gallery scene in these, the times of our global economic discontent. Meet Wall Blank. Operating out of “an awesome old brewery on the river” in Rockford, Illinois, the less-is-more-themed site posts a new limited-edition work of art every weekday. Prices are generally between $10 and $40 per (archival pigment) print. The Wall Blank curatorial team has already revealed a sharp eye for street photography, typographical experiments, and old-school illustration as well as a commitment to giving back. In a scheme dubbed “No Profit Fridays,” 100% of the proceeds from the print released every Friday is donated a non-profit cause. The secret to scoring a $14 print by the next Cindy Sherman is acting fast. The works featured on Wall Blank are all limited editions, available only for a week or until they sell out.

(Pictured work: “hope” by Lorena Vigil-Escalera Guirado)