Blackberry Messenger Integrates with Facebook, Twitter Apps

Research in Motion, creators of the Blackberry, have had a tough run for the last few years.  The stock is down to $13 from $80 in 2010 and even higher before that, and Blackberry market share has taken a big hit.  Just recently, one of the co-founders stepped down and the company appointed a new CEO to help the company reverse its ailing fortunes.  Part of this turnaround is to enhance the customer offering, and RIM has announced a series of new social apps that leverage BBM in their social applications, and it may help strengthen the Blackberry offering.

The new applications integrate BBM functionality directly into the social applications, so that your BBM contacts and functionality is available directly from within whatever social application you choose to use.  An example is the new Facebook for Blackberry 3.0, where you can share a status update as your BBM message.  It doesn’t seem like you can connect with your BBM friends from within the Facebook application, and that’s a smart move as having two sets of friends within one application would be confusing.

That said, BBM has typically acted more like a direct chat service than a place to post updates or tweets, so it remains to be seen whether people are going to start posting their Tweets and Facebook status updates to their BBM accounts or not.

Take a look at more of the details here at the Blackberry blog.

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