Bing Social Adds Twitter-User Recommendations to Search Results

Microsoft search engine Bing added Twitter-user recommendations to its Bing Social search results, calling the new feature People Recommendation.

Bing Social’s Mike Ching and Shubha Nabar described People Recommendation further on the Bing Search Blog:

With Twitter growing to more than 145 million accounts, finding interesting people to follow can be difficult. People Recommendation on Bing Social helps you discover interesting and relevant Twitter users based on your searches. Whether someone is “Influential” and helping shape the conversation or “Popular” like a celebrity, the new Twitter User Recommendation feature helps to identify Twitterers related to your query.

For example, if you search for “Windows Phone” (did we mention how excited we are for the new Windows Phone 7?), you will see Bing Social recommend some influential folks, helping you connect more deeply to the issues you care about by using this social layer of search to inform your results and give you the information you need.

If you search for the blockbuster film Machete, we return Machete stars Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, as well as the official Machete Twitter account.