Bing Beats Yahoo in Search Share

Bing has edged past Yahoo to take the No. 2 spot in terms of search market share, according to a stunning new report issued by Nielsen.

Microsoft’s Bing accounted for 13.9 percent of all U.S. searches last month, an increase of .25 percent from July and 3 percentage points from August of last year, when it captured 10.7 percent of the market. Meanwhile, according to Nielsen, Yahoo handled 13.1 percent all searches, down from 14.6 percent in July.

Google held steady in August, handling a dominant 65 percent of all searches, per Nielsen.

Landing in the No. 2 slot represents a huge milestone for Microsoft and Bing, which has been live for just over a year. It’s particularly noteworthy in a category that has exhibited little fluidity in recent years.

But perhaps the bigger story is the ongoing decline of Yahoo’s search business. The portal has consistently held the No. 2 slot for several years — at times commanding 20 percent of the market.

Perhaps dampening Microsoft’s achievement is the fact that the share shake-up comes just a few weeks after the company began handling Yahoo’s search queries, and now advertising, with its own search technology. In fact, it seems that Bing’s recent share growth is coming primarily from Yahoo, rather than Google, its chief competitor in the space.