BillShrink Helps Shrink iPhone Bills


With all the hoopla surrounding the $199 price tag on some 3G iPhones and the tiered data plans announced by AT&T, a little company called BillShrink has launched a free service to help consumers figure out how much of a strain a new iPhone will put on their wallet.

Users just answer a few questions about their cell phone usage and the system comes back with the iPhone data plan and add-ons that best fit their needs. BillShrink examines such data as who you call and how often, what networks they’re on and when you call them. It also looks at such things as early termination fees, available coverage, sign-up fees, one-time costs, family plans and all those other details carriers toss around to confuse you. To get some of the more advanced answers, you can upload a recent cell phone bill and BillShrink will suck out all the info it needs.

The service doesn’t just work for the iPhone, though. BillShrink collects and processes millions of data points for all cell phone plans, but with the impending iPhone 3G storm, it has created a dedicated to AT&T-iPhone page.