Bill Cosby’s New Spokesperson Isn’t Scared to Play Games

Is it working?

You may have seen Monique Pressley, on TV as a legal analyst. Now, she has taken on the unenviable task of being Bill Cosby‘s spokesperson.

Pressley’s taken the gig on with gusto. She’s even asked for his charges to be dismissed on a loophole in the legal proceedings.

Despite the revealing deposition, Pressley maintained Cosby’s innocence. “Mr. Cosby has denied the accusations that have been lodged thus far,” she told Good Morning America (via People). “The sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true.”

Cosby’s former lawyer, Marty Singer, seemed to think the age-old “No comment” stance was a great media strategy. That worked him right out of a job. Pressley is exactly the opposite — part attorney, part “spin doctor,” all pit bull.

How so? She used the massive amount of drug use in the 1970s as an excuse to validate Cosby’s offering of pills:

“There are a thousand-plus pages that are available of Mr. Cosby in his own words, and what we’re seeing so far are headlines that are grabbing one excerpt or two and misinterpreting them,” Pressley told [Good Morning America]. “The deposition said that there was use of Quaaludes, which was done often in the ’70s.”

“It was considered a party drug called ‘disco biscuits’ and it was something that was done frequently, not just by Mr. Cosby but other entertainers,” Pressley said.

Remember, her job is not to disprove guilt. The job, in a court of law, is to raise questions away from her client. It may be a seedy strategy, but as we noticed in Making a Murderer, that strategy can definitely work.